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Orchard: Africa Virtual Trip

The Orchard: Africa Virtual Trip is a five day experience where you will take a journey to South Africa to discover African culture, engage with the mission of Orchard: Africa and grow in your relationship with Jesus. You will experience the sights and sounds of South Africa through exclusive videos, gain new perspectives on life in the rural villages and urban townships of Africa, and connect live with Orchard: Africa staff and pastors.

You'll log on to your daily online travel portal to find videos, pictures and extra bonus excursions to engage Africa at a deeper level. Participate in fun African cultural experiences, make a great African meal, view wildlife, serve the people in Africa and connect with team members. Plan for 2-3 hours a day to work through the materials/experience that include Zoom calls, devotional, and main content. (There are some additional resources if you have extra time). One hour Zoom calls will occur Saturday 10AM, Sunday 6:30PM, Tuesday 6:30PM, and Wednesday 6:30PM.

Date and Time

Sept 19-23, 2020



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