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Squad Goals

How's your family? At first glance, most would probably give a quick, simple answer. It's all good, or maybe a shrug of the shoulders, or possibly even an... it's complicated. Navigating family life is something we were never meant to walk alone, but instead with a supportive community. Wherever we land on the scale, we're all here trying to figure this thing called FAMILY out. 

Parenting, blending, faith, conflict, ups, downs, plus everything else. This topic probably sounds familiar because we all continue to experience it. Let's dive into the Bible and discover new ideas to help us grow better relationships with the people we love. We'll take notes, talk about life and invite our friends along for the encouraging teachings. Join Cornerstone on May 15 to begin this series on the family to get you a little bit closer to your ultimate Squad Goals! 

Date and Time

May 15 to June 5

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