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  • Turn on location services in your web browser.
  • 3 simple steps:
    • Text "HERE" to 21999
    • Select whom you are checking in
    • Proceed to printers to scan your barcode and print your labels

Don’t Do
Life Alone

A lot of people have their doubts when it comes to connecting with a church for the first time. If you’re like most people, the thought of having to start new or start over can leave you feeling overwhelmed and like you don’t even know where to begin. We believe no one should feel lost when connecting at church. Here at Cornerstone, we want you to learn more about God, faith, and life.



Linn Winters

What To Expect

We get it, maybe for you the last time you came to church was when your mom made you go and you wore a clip on tie, button up shirt from a school dance and the one pair of pants that weren’t jeans or wrinkly. Here at cornerstone we are a “come as you are” kind of church. You’ll see many of us wearing t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and even a jersey during football season. We believe you shouldn’t have to get fancy just to come to church. We just believe you should come to church.

We believe the church parking lot should feel less like Costco and more like a friendly valet experience. That’s why when you first pull into the parking lot here at Cornerstone Church you’ll see friendly smiling people ready to help you park your car in the right spot. We don’t technically offer valet, but if you drive a fancy car we’re sure someone here would be willing to drive it for you! Once you park, follow those same friendly smiles all the way to the “New to CS” tents and we will help you check in kids, get seats and more!

Walking into an environment where it feels like everyone else knows what to do and where to go can feel really overwhelming. It’s like that time you were the only one who “forgot” to study for that math test in college. You walk in and look around at everyone else and they all seem ready so you try to act like you are too, but inside, you wanna just bolt out the door! Don’t worry, we’re gonna give you the answers ahead of time! At Cornerstone services are about an hour long, we sing a few songs and then hear a lesson from the Bible. That’s it!

Cornerstone Church has a policy that only dogs that are trained as a service dog will be allowed on a Cornerstone campus during programming, services, and special events. Emotional support dogs, pets, or other animals will not be allowed on any Cornerstone campus during programming, services, and special events. This policy is enforced and supported by ADA Title III.

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