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Our Legacy Mentorship is a 1-year discipleship driven program designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ.

Each meeting lasts around an hour.

Legacy Mentorship does not have age requirements. Although there are some mentors who might be older than you, that doesn’t qualify them to lead the group. The only qualification for a mentor is someone that has or is going through it themselves and is willing to hold you accountable to your relationship with God.

Each meeting consists of 4 elements: Prayer, evaluation of your spiritual fitness, Purple Book, & Closing Prayer.

Legacy Mentorship reserves the right to meet with you. Because this is not your typical mentoring program we are looking for guys who are serious about getting stronger in their relationship with God. If you find yourself not spending time with God, not doing the weekly homework or its difficult to be on-time to the pre-set meeting each week, we will assume that this process is not for you.

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The answer to both of these is yes. In order for us to have each person in the system, an application must be filled out.

The meeting should be rescheduled for the following week, pray then dismiss. Situations sometimes arise, but this is their relationship with Jesus and their responsibility. A man will get out of the relationship with a project mentor what he puts into it.

A mentee can begin mentoring prior to his completion of the purple book, as long as he stays at least two chapters ahead of the man he is mentoring. However, he must stay with his assigned mentor until the book is completed.

Please contact a professional advisor or speak with a life counselor at Cornerstone. We are mentors, not counselors. This doesn’t mean we don’t pray or discuss their situation after the weekly meeting is completed, it simply means we are to advise them to go where they can get the most help with the struggle. We are to walk side by side with the man and pray that his relationship with Jesus will begin to bring him out of the bondage, and that God would provide the proper ministry connections to help him.

Fill out an evaluation form stating why he is being released and submit it to us. We want men who are serious about building their relationship with Christ. We want men of God, not just men.

Iron sharpens iron.

Our groups provide opportunities to explore God’s principles for growth, service, and leadership.

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